Anbessa shoe share company was established in 1935 making us the oldest shoe manufacturing businesses in Ethiopia. We are committed to strive our local and foreign customers by providing a wide selection of shoes made from pure leather and by producing 4,500 pairs of shoes per day. Having started by providing to local customer needs, Anbessa now has an international market base with globally renowned brands like J.Crew, DSW, Imex, SAWA, G.H.Bass Co., Harbor etc.. Throughout the years, Anbessa has gone through different ownerships and brands leading to today’s globally known private company. We have maintained our reputation of producing comfortable, affordable and durable shoes and are now increasing the quality of our shoes by adding the value of cutting edge design and style.

History of Anbessa Shoe Share Company

Anbessa shoe share company was first founded by an Italian owner in 1935 and was sold to Mr Mardious Drakjan, an Armenina tannery owner, in 1942. The company was named Darmar Shoe Factory for 33 years. Mainly Italians consisting of 85% of the company’s staff operated it as a tannery and shoe factory.

In 1975, Darmar was fully nationalized and organized under government supervision as two public enterprises: Anbessa shoe factory and Awash Tannery. In 1993, Anbessa Shoe Factory was reorganized as an autonomous public enterprise under an appointed board.

In 2011, Anbessa was privatized by its current owner and has gone through many changes to further its growth. Anbessa shoe share company is now launching new lines of high quality footwear, bags, cases and belts.

Anbessa Shoe’s new factory in Addis Ababa Akaki Industrial Zone is working with full capacity producing 10,000 pair of shoes daily.


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